Yakiniku Koryu Romantei opened in Tottori Yonago on April 12, 2023. The location is Higashi Fukuhara, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture. This is a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy Japanese black beef carefully selected by the owner in a completely private room where your privacy is protected (counter seats are also available). The Kitashinchi store in Osaka is the meat and space of “Kotatsu”, which was ranked second in the 2017 Kansai Michelin chef’s private yakiniku ranking on a popular TV program. The new store is located in Yonago, which has a long history as the gateway to the San’in region, overlooking Mt. Daisen and close to the Sea of ​​Japan. We look forward to welcoming everyone.



Relax and enjoy delicious meat in a completely private room

The feature of our restaurant is that you can enjoy delicious meat luxuriously in a private space. It can be used not only for entertaining guests, but also for various occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. We also have rooms that can accommodate a large number of people, making them ideal for banquets. Except for the counter seats, the interior of the restaurant is completely private, with 2 to 24 seats available. Each private room is equipped with an air conditioner as well as a power outlet, so you can charge your smartphone. The interior is finished in a chic and calm space.




The fat melts and brings out the umami

The main meat is luxurious Japanese black beef carefully selected by the owner himself, and the selection is full of commitment.



Assorted special three kinds (loin, ribs, skirt steak)

This is also a popular menu item at the Osaka Kitashinchi store.The sweetness of the ribs spreads in your mouth. Skirt skirt and loin are also juicy, but you can also enjoy the texture that is soft and melts in your mouth.It is recommended to eat and compare by dipping in our specialty dipping sauce and taste different depending on each part.

“Superb thick-sliced ​​tongue”

Thickly-sliced ​​beef tongue is soft yet has a unique texture that gives you a strange feeling. Because of its thickness, you can feel the difference in the texture between the outside and inside of the meat. It has a reputation for its exquisite taste that matches well with salt and special green onion sauce. *When domestic beef tongue is out of stock, we use US (Japanese beef raised in the United States) tongue, which is difficult to obtain through our own route. We are particular about the quality of meat

“Exquisite sirloin nigiri sushi”

If you don’t tell me, it’s a meat sushi that looks like it’s going to be mistaken for big toro. It goes perfectly with rice, and the texture that melts in your mouth is a blissful moment. Please enjoy the luxurious gem.

“Cold noodle”

The popular cold noodles are made in-house by kneading the noodles from scratch. , The balance between firm, chewy noodles and light soup is exquisite, and it’s perfect as a final dish.




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Efforts against coronavirus

Considering the impact of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19), we give top priority to ensuring the safety of our customers, and we are trying to create an environment where you can visit us with peace of mind. We are ventilating frequently, and we are thoroughly disinfecting the store, including counters and chairs. Also, we are disinfecting our fingers with alcohol when we enter the store. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your cooperation.



6-8-3 Higashifukuhara, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

Phone 0859-33-2911
Hour Mon〜Fri 17:00~24:00(lastorder 23:00)

Sat ,Sun,Holyday 11:30~24:00(lastorder 23:00)

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